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Forgetting the past is not about erasing all your memories, but about forgetting past incidents that have caused you pain, and the grievances you hold against people who have done you wrong, especially people close to you.

Letting go of the past  will release the hold these memories have on your thoughts and emotions. Thinking of past mistakes, heartbreaks or missed opportunities can prevent us from moving forward. The art of letting go is difficult to master. It is a challenge faced by many who cannot accept that the past cannot be changed and our focus should be on the present.

When we focus on the present, we free ourselves from the shackles of regret and resentment. This helps us to make better decisions and look at the different opportunities for growth and learning. These can only be utilized when we unburden ourselves of the weight of the past. Life is filled with challenges and unexpected occurrences.  By freeing ourselves of our self-imposed limitations., we can explore new avenues, make new connections and begin meaningful relationships. This gives us a sense of freedom.

So, the act of letting go of the past is an act of self-love; we can then liberate ourselves and allow ourselves to live a life of fulfilment, enjoying the opportunities for personal growth that life offers us. In short, letting go of the past can be the key to unlocking a better future.

Step out of negativity

 Our lives move in the direction of our dominant thoughts, so if you focus on negative things, your life will follow that direction. Try to step out of negativity by starting each day with affirmations.

‘I will be successful in whatever I do.’

‘My life will be great. Nothing can stand in my way ‘.

Say them out aloud.

By consciously changing your mindset, the negative things that occurred to you in the past will no longer hold you back.

Choose your friends wisely

If you feel that some of your friends are slowing you down in life, it is not a crime to steer away from them. Spend time with only those who inspire  you and fill you with positive vibes.

Setting goals

Goal-setting is very important for keeping your mind from being ensnared in the past. Setting clear goals will help you to focus on the future and show  you the direction in which you have to move.

Forgiveness is the key

Forgiveness is vital in the healing process. By forgiving whoever has wronged you, you shed your burden and feel lighter. You are now free to move on. The person who forgives benefits more than the person being forgiven.


Have the confidence to do what you want, the way you want. You do not have to please others. So don’t be shackled by what others expect of you. You will never be able to please everyone.

Focus on yourself           

Focus on your own well-being. Just as you work on your physical well-being, you should also take care of your mental well-being . Practice mindfulness in daily activities, and set aside a little time for meditation. This will unclutter the mind and bring clarity.

Share with others

Giveyourself the permission to talk to others about  whatyou have gone through. Bottling up your grievances and painful thoughts makes them fester inside your mind. Find a person who is empathetic, who will listen without judging. If required, you can take the help of professional counsellors.