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Improving Your Self-esteem

Self-knowledge helps one to discover what one is worth. Positive traits lead to high self-esteem.  Your worth is not based on how many TV sets you possess or whether you have the latest Apple iphone. You are unique because of your own personal qualities. Self-esteem is the way we look at ourselves. High self-esteem is having a good opinion about oneself. It helps in dealing with situations in our life, whereas a low self-esteem is harmful for our health, appearance and our future. It makes us sensitive to criticism, leads to withdrawal from social situations, and creates anxiety before performing any task.

Ways to improve your self-esteem  

It is possible to work on improving our self-esteem.

  1. Maintain good posture and shape. Go in for an exercise routine.
  2. Pay attention to your appearance. Appearance counts.
  3. Remember the rules of good grooming and personal hygiene.
  4. Visualize the person you would like to be and dress the way this person would dress.
  5. Replace bad thoughts about yourself with positive thoughts.
  6. Look after yourself. Follow a healthy diet.
  7. Do things that put you in a good mood. Pamper yourself with a bar of dark chocolate.
  8. Relax.  Reduce stress by taking time out to do something relaxing. Listen to music, take a long bath, meditate _ whatever relaxes you.
  9. Write down all your accomplishments. You will be surprised when you finish the list that you are good at so many things.
  10. Try out new things. Take up creative hobbies. Join an art class, dance class or theatre group.
  11. Watch some tutorials on You tube. All the information you need to reinvent yourself is right there.
  12. Be with people who make you feel good. Spend time with those you get along well with.
  13. Make new friends and strengthen your existing friendships.
  14. Accept yourself as you are.
  15. Don’t pay attention to negative comments. You are good the way you are. You may have imperfections. We all do. But you can learn to work on them.
  16. Surround yourself with things that make you feel good. You may keep photos and mementos of happy times you have spent with family or friends. Look through the photo gallery on your phone and you will find some memorable moments that you have clicked.
  17. You cannot be like anyone else, because you are unique. You are ‘you’.
  18. You are your own best friend. Cherish that thought.
  19. Share your doubts and anxieties with someone you trust. Whatever you may be feeling about yourself may be irrational. When someone you love or are close to points that out, it is easier to accept.
  20. Trust your own abilities. Believe in your own skills. Always think “I can do it.” Confidence leads to success.