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Mindfulness can be defined as a moment-to -moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. 

All through the day we are busy with various activities that make demands on our time. We are too busy to stop and admire the flowers growing in the flowerpots on our balcony, to watch a bird flitting from one tree to another, to feel the gentle breeze blowing in through the window. Mindfulness helps us to take time to notice such things.


When we meditate, the energy being used is mindfulness. It helps to light up the recesses of our mind and look into the true nature of things. We then understand the true essence of the object of meditation _ it could be an emotion, a perception, an action, a reaction, or the presence of a person. By looking deeply, the practitioner gets insight or wisdom, that can liberate us from our bondage to the material world.

The internal fetters that bind us are opened out _ fear, anger, hatred in our relationships with other humans. We are also aware of what is around us, so our relationship with nature becomes fresher. 

Habits that promote mindfulness 

There are certain habits that you can develop if you choose to do so. Taking notice of your own breathing is a basic practice. It helps the mind to concentrate.   

Planning the day

Start the morning by planning the day.

Sit in a quiet place and enjoy some moments by yourself. Some people utilize the time to do breathing exercises or meditation.

Eat mindfully

We should appreciate the food that we eat. Savour the flavours and textures of the food. Eating slowly is good for digestion, and it also reduces stress. 

Spend some time outdoors

If possible, take a walk in a park or any other open space. Being close to nature is soothing for our mind. Observe the weather, pay attention to sounds like birdcalls.


Meditation is a wonderful practice that helps to concentrate on any one object or focus of interest. It relaxes the mind.

Take one task at a time

Instead of multitasking, focus on one task at a time. Dividing your attention on multiple tasks means none of them get full attention. Take a short break after completing one task, and then begin the next one. This will improve performance.

Express your feelings

Accept and recognize the emotions like sadness, disappointment, anger. By acknowledging your feelings, you will be able to control your reactions.

Find a creative hobby

Do something because you enjoy doing it- such as painting, taking photographs, or playing an instrument. You can also engage in something creative, like craft or building something.

Take up a physical activity. 

Exercising or playing an outdoor game are good for both body and mind. You can even put on some music and practise some dance steps if you enjoy dancing. There is a mind-body connection, so the mind is cleared when it focuses on the body movements. This way it becomes a relaxation technique.

Mindfulness teaches you how to control your thoughts. It is said that we are who we think we are. So, by controlling your thoughts you can transform yourself and become a new you.